African Dance Workshop


Youth Workshop (Ages 6-18) –  July 24, 2023 @5pm to 6pm

Instructor: Davida Teagle

PRICE: $35/person


DaVida began dancing when she was six years old. She has studied many dance genres throughout her years, began choreographing at the age of 14, and most of her teaching experience is in contemporary, African, hip hop, heels, Zumba with the ability to teach other styles as well. She continued her dance education in college, dancing herself as well as choreographing a variety of performances for her fellow classmates. She then graduated from Cedar Crest College with a B.S. in Business Administration and Management. Since then, DaVida has danced for Dance4Life in Delaware and currently teaches church praise dance at The Christian Church in Philadelphia. From a young age, the warmth of the stage lights, put a smile on her face. The fun and intricate costumes, fast music, all while dancing across the stage brought her to a new truth. Happiness. Dance helped her express her emotions on and off of the dance floor because there were times in her life where she felt isolated and unseen in her younger years. However, dance had the power to change the narrative. Her new found happiness, instilled a deeper faith that she would be great. She grew to love performing, as she grew into her self throughout the years. In return, it brings her great joy to encourage aspiring artists to dance their heart out. When she is on stage she sees her passion not her size. It is truly empowering because the only thing that matters is fulfilling her deepest desires on stage. Dance is deeply embedded in her, it is who she is. She is her best self when she dances because it has taught her to truly, be the love of her own light.