Tuition Rates

Youth Tuition Rates
(Credit Card/Bank Account Online, processing fees apply):
Mini Ballet/Jazz ages 3-4 | $110/2 months

45 min class ages 5-18 | $116/2 months 

1 hr class ages 5-18 | $120/2 months

1 hr 15 min class | $130/2 months


Youth Multiclass Discount Chart

Family Discount – Families with two or more students will receive a discount. The child with higher tuition will be charged in full, and any additional sibling will receive 5% off of tuition.

Tuition by Check – If you choose to pay for tuition by check in person, you must pay for half the season at a time. September tuition is paid at time of registration (for those starting in September), so the first half season payment covers October-January and the second half season payment covers February-May. Bounced checks will be subject to a $20 fee.

Any tuition payments received 10 days late will incur a $15 late fee.

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