Payment Policy

-Tuition prices can be found online or on your parent portal, and rates are based on a 2 month period. If a student joins mid month during a two month pay period, their tuition will be prorated according to how many weeks are left  within those two months. Tuition rates are fixed, meaning even if there is a holiday break or if a child misses class, this does not affect tuition. 

-Tuition can be paid by one of two ways. You can pay by check in person for half the season at a time (September tuition is paid at time of registration for those starting in September, so the first half season payment due October 1st covers October-January and the second half season payment due February 1st covers February-May). Bounced checks will be subject to a $20 fee. The other accepted form of payment is by credit card online automatic payment through your DanceStudio Pro account for 2 months at a time starting in October (highly recommended). You must commit to the same payment method for the duration of the dance season (September-May). Please know that there will be a surcharge added to your tuition if you choose to pay online. 

-Since credit card payments are on autopay, everyone’s credit cards will be charged on the  1st day of the month each time tuition is due (every 2 months for most people) except September which is due at the time of registration. For example, October & November tuition is due October 1st, so credit card will be charged on October 1st for two months of tuition. If you start class in the middle of the month, your tuition will be prorated based on our two month pay cycles. 

-Any tuition payments received 10 days late will incur a $15 late fee. 

Parent Policy

Parents are not permitted to stay in the room during class for ages 3-18, as this allows our students to fully follow the instruction of the teacher while fully engaging in their craft. 

-For ages 3-4 parents may stay for the entire duration of their first & second class of the season (this includes a free trial class if applicable). 

-Ages 3-6 are expected to be able to use the restroom by him/herself and dress themselves (girls wear a leotard and tights), but restroom use should take place before class, not during. We do understand there are emergencies sometimes where they may have to go during class, so all students must be potty trained and able to use the restroom on their own. 

-For ages 5-18, parents may stay for the entire duration of their first class of the season only (this includes a free trial class if applicable). 

-Parents, we appreciate you and everything you do, but this is your child’s time to shine and discover their passion, and this is done by limiting the amount of distractions, especially for our tiny dancers. There is always the possibility of emergency or extreme situations where the parent may need to be called to pick up a child, but you know your child best, you can either wait in your car outside, or go take time for yourself, grab something to eat, go shopping, we’ve got this handled! 

-For ages 3-6, if you feel there is a serious necessary reason to stay, you are welcome to have a conversation with Miss Emily about it prior to the start of the dance season. Parents are always welcome to contact the studio by phone/text, email, or by appointment in person at the studio if need be. Appointments are preferred. 

Cleaning Policy

The studio is cleaned daily, barres are wiped down in between classes if used, and there is hand sanitizer available at all times.

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